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    Ok! Done. Results? Driver clubhead speed up from 97 to 104 mph max but I'm simultaneously doing SuperSpeed training (through three weeks now). Hard to say about Flexible in 15 tests. I tried to do them but something went wrong in taking notes from the first test. Perhaps I feel a little more flexible but I still need to push on with flexibility training. Feedback? Pretty good! Exercises are easy to do almost anywhere I guess and it only takes 15 mins. Mind I need to disagree with this, I never got it done in less than 30 mins, but that's not that bad either. And I pulled a muscle in my right hip during my last session doing reverse lunge with overhead extension and I did the primers as instructed. Perhaps that's something to look at. Proper warming up of hip muscles. Thanks!

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    Yury B.

    A very important golf topic covered is the golfer's body. Many people spend time on heavy weights to develop strength, but they have to start with other things, they have to start with tests, then develop joint mobility, flexibility of the whole body and then work on strength. Otherwise they can get injured and get frustrated with golf.

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    I really enjoyed this plan. Thank you for the tips. Even though I have only implimented the stretching and warm up strategies for a couple of months, my increased flexibility has helped add distrance and speed to my game.

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    Jackson Udelsman

    Great plan - looking forward to trying to the full body freedom plan now! Would also love a gym routine if possible someday.

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    Sue D.

    Excellent exercises. I really liked the before golf warm up at the end. Thank you guys. :grinning:

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    Dennis L.


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    Artjoms Voronins

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    Johann Ott

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    Matthew Burns

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    Nicholas H.

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