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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff M.

    Bear with me, because I do want to fully explain my positive experience with this plan. Not interested in reading? The plan works, and the lessons and everything about it are fantastic! My detailed experience with the plan: For the past five years, I have been playing every week in a semi-serious league with a group of friends. The first couple of years I wasn't really into the whole 'practicing' thing, but then I decided since I'm devoting my time to golf, and it will be a lifelong endeavor/activity, it was time to focus on getting better to ENJOY it more. BEFORE beginning the plan, I would sometimes drop below 90, but I really wasn't being honest with myself - often times picking up a 'gimme' putt that might've been a bit farther than some of the lads would call a gimme. Or, dropping another ball after a chunked approach shot, thinly hit chip, and then just playing that second (better) shot. Not terribly proud of that in hindsight, but it happened! Therefore, some of those earlier 'break 90' moments were probably more like 92-95 scores, if not more. Then, I actually dove into the Break 90 plan, and made a very concerted effort to follow the instructions, to practice diligently and with intent at the range, and to keep with it. At first - it was slightly strange because my game wasn't used to being tinkered with. I had some bad sessions at the practice range struggling with yips/shanks, but kept it in my head that it's just a reaction to the change that's going on with my swing/game. Added to the bad sessions, I also felt like my game wasn't improving drastically, even though I was doing the work. Then, probably at the late-third, early fourth week of the plan, I just started playing better. One could say it was 'suddenly' happening, but my scores started to get lower because I had implemented all the tips and techniques and drills - but physical and mental - that Piers & Andy put together. The scores were not just dropping on the final tally, but I also wasn't using gimmes or mulligans to get there. Instead of pretend 90s, i was now putting together legitimate 87, or 88, or 85. The analogy I'll make as to the feeling of this is if anyone has every suffered through back pain, but then worked to make it feel better. There becomes a point where all of a sudden, you realize you've been pain free for a number of days/weeks. The same phenomenon was occurring with my golf game, due to this plan. 'Suddenly' I was hitting fairways, greens in regulation, holing putts, and eliminating bad decisions. The reason I say it crept up on me that I was often going below 90 is because once you start playing well, you become hooked on continuing to get better. A green in regulation is great! Now, how can i get closer to the pin? I've straightened out my drive! Now, how can I read the course to figure out where the best position is for my second shot - since I almost EXPECT the ball to be in the fairway. With those new goals in mind, as I was finishing the Break 90 plan, my scores were now getting scary good for me - 83, 81, 80 even! Even on 9 hole rounds I was hitting 37, 39! I give myself credit for sticking with it, but all of this credit to better scores is given to this Break 90 plan. I promise, if you practice with intent, diligently work to get better using the drills and techniques within the plan, expect to start breaking 90, with an outside realization that you may just be getting closer to 80. And with THAT said, I am beginning work on the Break 80 plan, enthusiastically looking forward to getting better and better - and beating the rest of my lads on a weekly basis!

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    I do like the format and the way you guys present it. I did love the Breaking 100 and was looking forward to this one even more. That said the ‚Breaking 90‘ was a bit disappointing. A lot seemed to be repeating from Breaking 100, with basically the same focus. I am surprised you are not focusing more on actual strategy. You touched it ever so briefly with looking at hole layouts. I have learned on my quest to break 100 that this part of the game might be the most important after mastering the ‚basics‘, like basic stance, grup and swing. Things like needing only 9 bogeys and 9 dbl bogeys to break a 100 and furthermore 18 bogeys in average to break 90 are crucial in my humble opinion. I found myself rushing over this part of the game and it delayed any improvements. A good example was the ‚par 5 strategy‘ in Breaking 90. Yes, you guys are professionals and think about a par or a birdie on a par 5. I don‘t think that is true for mid to high handicappers. So, a layup shot is crucial for people like myself and that‘s what we should focus on. Get onto the green of a par 5 in 4 shots is still perfectly fine in order to break 100 or even 90, right? I would like to see those parts of the training expanded, a lot :) If I may be so brazen as to suggest to reverse the focus of the specific topics in this training: - focus much less on rehearsing things from previous sessions, e.g. hitting down, hitting the ground after the ball etc. Instead simply refer to previous or other sessions, or reduce the time for the rehearsals in the session. - expand and focus on the new tips and advice, e.g. course management, difference in stance with all clubs in the bag, battle some typical issues like consistency, trying ‚to kill‘ the ball etc I hope this helps helping high handicappers like myself ;) Love you guys, cheers Stefan

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I've just been through the whole series again (02/02/19) after a first try a few months ago at the end of last season. Some other reviewers have expressed reservations about the selected content of the coaching plan. I also found certain content was not relevant to my particular issues. But, I think MeandMyGolf customers should appreciate we're all individuals with our own particular needs. This coaching plan is a top class, pragmatic and usable offering - there's something in there for everyone. This plan (together with a couple of clips from the video vault) made all the difference for me - it took me back to scores I had 10 years ago, but with modified techniques to take into account an ageing body and reduced mobility.

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    Tomas O.

    Previously did the slice to draw program last winter and that worked wonders so thought I'd give this a try. Haven't broken 90 yet over 18 holes but have been tearing up the course consistently over 9 holes/12 holes. Just cant seem to keep it together for a full 18. It's definitely coming together though. I haven't drilled this program as diligently as the slice to draw as when the weather was good I just wanted to play more holes rather than practice but anytime I've practiced the drills they generally work. Easy straight forward drills with good results. If you're on the fence about trying a plan I would definitely recommend and it's cheaper than a lesson and you can keep coming back to it

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Williams

    Started the program around January or early February and followed the plan step by step. Played at one of the tougher courses around the area and shot a career best 88 within 3 weeks of the program. I've only played a few times since which haven't cracked the 80s but I am always flirting everytime. Just need to clean up getting rid of those pesky snowmen and 3 putts and could easily break 90 each time. The program and practice is paying off. My friends see the difference in my game and that is what is most comforting seeing my buddies losing to me! Going to continue the break 90 program for rest of 2023 and hopefully I can start to learn to break 80 in 2024!

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    I've broken 90 four times now after following this plan as well as going back to the other videos that have been posted here on me and my golf. The part of my game that needs the most work is probably getting off the Tee Box without pushing things to the right. The most beneficial advice that I have received from Piers and Andy is that I need to focus more on course management during my round as well as their advice on my short game. Thanks guys your instruction as well as the personal instruction I have received one-on-one with my golf instructor has changed my game forever.

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    Lorian T.

    Relevant. Your instructions made sense because I go to the golf course and implement swing changes. Before, the videos were less clear because I lacked experience on the golf course. I liked how these videos focused on the short game. I just realized how hard putting is and my short game needs help. In the future, I can improve my score dramatically by working on my short game. The short game is a game of "feelings" rather than technical skills, I had learned.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5


    I enjoyed this coaching plan. I haven't broken 90, yet; but, I am going to continue to use the practice techniques listed. I need to work on managing my slice on dog leg lefts. I take 3 - 4 penalties from unplayable or lost balls each round. Out of frustration I end up adding a shot, or two, as well. If I can keep it from getting to me and get more consistency off the tee, I can get there. Thanks again.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Carter-Hounslow

    what I didn't expect from this plan was that it would really sort out my strike. The 'set to point' drills really help dial in good contact with the ball and also introduced me to some shots I didn't know I had (like a 100 yard 7 iron half swing). Putting was sharpened up and even saw a slight improvement in the longer clubs like the hybrids and fairways.

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    The pivot drill from week 1 is a great way to work on deep practice and really feel what the proper movement is. Same with the cross-hand drill for wrist angles in Week 2. I'm finding the par 3/4/5 strategy information very useful on the course. This coaching plan definitely helped in my shooting an 86 this afternoon. Thanks for the great content.

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