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The Beginner Zone

Are you a beginner golfer? With so much information online, it’s very difficult to know who and what to trust. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our new “Beginner Zone” on!

The Beginner Zone is full of amazing videos all designed to help a beginner golfer get up to speed FAST with the most important basics. Over the coming months we’ll continue to add to the beginner zone for more of the best tips and advice for you at this stage in your golfing career. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect in the beginner zone.

How is The Driver Different From The Iron?

One of the most common questions we get is, “how is the driver different from the iron?” In your first beginner zone video we’re discussing the differences in distance, ball position, attack angle and technique between the two clubs.

How Far Should I Stand From The Golf Ball?

A lot of problems for beginner golfers are caused in the set up. Are you standing too close or too far away from the golf ball? The second beginner zone video gives you the perfect method of checking your set up and distance from the golf ball.

Driver Set Up

For many of you the driver is the most exciting club in the bag. There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting the perfect tee shot.

Unfortunately, just a few faults in your set up could limit your ability to hit that perfect tee shot.  In this video we’re going to show you how to hit up on the golf ball with the driver and optimise those tee shots.

Should I Keep My Head Down?

Another common question is should you keep your head down in the golf swing? Many of you may have been told by coaches and playing partners to keep your head down, but is that really the right thing to do?

In this video we address what you REALLY SHOULD do with your head in the golf swing.

The Importance Of Stance

How should you position your feet in the golf swing? In this video we’re giving you the best possible reference points in your stance to optimise your drives and rip your iron shots! We also address what you might be doing wrong in your stance.

Strike It, Don’t Scoop It

To get a good ball flight with your irons you don’t need to hit up! You may have heard us talk about attack angle in many of our previous videos… well what is an attack angle and why is it important?

This video will change the concept in your mind of how you should be hitting an iron.

Killer Friendly Advice

In this one we’re offering up some of the best advice in golf.  In golf you have to be very careful with the information that you take on board as there’s so much information out there.  This video will advise you on who and what to listen to.

Ball Position

You may be thinking, how much can the position of the ball in the stance actually effect my shot?  The answer is it’s unbelievably important.

In this video, we show you where we want the ball position to be with each club and give you a very simple method to get the golf ball in the right position.

Understanding The Finish

This video will help you understand how your finish position can effect your impact. It may seem strange to begin with but the way you finish your golf swing massively effects every other element of your swing.

Find out more, only on the beginner zone.

Are you ready to become a better golfer? Well good news! All of our members get full access to the beginner zone for free! Become a member today by clicking the link below!

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