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How to hit more consistent drives?  Probably one of the most asked questions we get at Me and My Golf.  Now their are multiple things that could be causing inconsistencies in your tee shots so I thought i would cover one of the most common reasons for inconsistency we see.  I’ll come back to this in a moment.

We’ve all heard that your back swing is very important for giving you the best chance in your down swing, as far as amateur golfers are concerned generally this is case.  The more technically sound your back swing is the better chance you have of having a technically sound down swing.

Their will always be people on tour who will buck the trend, and you can see that the majority of players have different looking back swings but they obviously work well for them as far as priming them for the down swing is concerned.

So should you change your back swing? Well if your down swing has issues then you need to see if your back swing could be causing these issues.

Ok so back to  the common fault we see, often when people over swing for what ever reason they are trying to achieve you will often find that people start to miss time how their arms work in conjunction with their upper body, we also see that when people over swing that their arms become disconnected with the upper body, we even see that the club face can be manipulated.  All of these then force the player to compensate in the down swing which just makes it harder to be consistent.




Lets look at the example of the two top of back swing images we have here.  You will notice that the image of me over swinging has forced the arms to disconnect from the body and with the right elbow going high, this can also cause the club face to twist into an open position.  So we have high hands and an open club face at the top of the back swing!  Unless you are a tour player who is exceptionally talented and more importantly works extremely hard you are going to find it hard to be consistent in your down swing.  The most common result we see from here is that the player starts the down swing with an Over the Top Swing Fault because of the high arms and also to allow for the open club face.  This will often cause a path which is too much to the left through the ball with a club face which is too open to this causing a slice.


The shorter looking swing is actually the same swing just at a shorter point.  So if your back swing is too long and you are suffering from inconsistencies why not try a shorter back swing, it may not automatically change the down swing but it will give you a better chance to change those down swing faults.

Give it a try and if you have any questions post them down below and we’ll get back to you.




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  1. hautcoeur


    I have watched your videos and I love the various advice your are giving.
    Do you do any training session to improve golf over a full week any time in second part of October at your place?


    1. Andy Proudman

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you like our content. Unfortunately we do not have availability for a whole week but we do have other options available. Please email us at and we can…

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  2. Chuck Swearengin

    I’ve always stuggled with to long of a backswing and inconsistent ball striking. Tried this today focusing on imitating the image shown of a shorter backswing. The results were night and day. Thanks g…

    show more
    1. Andy Proudman

      Great work Chuck! Happy to hear this helped. It is not an easy thing to do and it will take some practice. keep it up.



  3. Paul

    I’m going high and right, any tips? It carries around 275 but just balloons off right! Grrrrr

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Paul. Have you watched our video series “Turn your slice in to a draw”. This will really help. Your club face is open at impact so that should be your focus in trying to fix that.

  4. arickes21

    Hi, any drills to stop over swinging the club. I do this for every club in my bag

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the question. We actually have a Swing Fault called “Over Swing” where you will find lots of drills in there to help you fix this. If you got to video vaults and click on Swing Faults you w…

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  5. Bill Gere

    I suffer from the Over The Top Golf Swing Fault you described above. I had already moved to the shorter backswing – for starters – even before I read your article. Once that started to help my arms a…

    show more
    1. Andy

      Great to hear Bill. Keeping the arms in sync with the body is a key component. Let us know if you have any questions.