Are You Over The Top In Your Golf Swing?

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‘Over The Top’ Golf Swing Fault

Over The Top is arguably the most common of Swing Faults and is defined as the club moving Over The Top of the swing plane in the down swing usually approaching the ball from an “out to in” path. This is one of the biggest causes of the slice but can also cause a pull if the face is square to the path.


This Swing Fault is usually a sequencing issue where the upper body starts the down swing and moves the club forward above the swing plane.  Members can watch a video on this swing fault here.

Common Causes

  1. An “open” club-face – When the club face is “open” during the back swing, the golfer usually compensates by swinging over the top or (out to in) in an effort to get the ball on target.
  2. Physical causes – Poor disassociation/ lower body strength and mobility and core strength.

Start Fixing the ‘Over The Top’ Golf Swing Fault

On our website we have many videos and drills showing you how to fix the over top swing fault.  To watch them click here.

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  1. David murphy

    I suffer from over the top. Is there any swings aids on the market which can help me please

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi David. There aren’t that many actually. We use lots of negative feedback and often it is with head covers etc to force a path more to the right. Have you tried that?

  2. 3puttt

    My question has nothing to do with the video. I purchased a lesson and am having some problems with loading to V1. I am trying to contact via e-mail but clicking on the e-mail link just searches never…

    show more
  3. john ward

    tip for 80 year old golfer when we as old golfer hit down we do not have the strength to follow through sohow do we increase our golf speed

  4. Wilson_richard

    I play golf left handed. My problem at the moment is I feel I am lined up to my target but all my irons are ending up 10 to 20 yards left of target. They are not slicing but going straight left.

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Richard. If the ball is not curving at all then your swing path must be too much to the left and the face square to the path. If it is curving slightly then you need to find the best way to square/…

      show more
  5. ckavel16

    Hello, I was watching the series on “how to turn your slice into a draw”. I have watched part 1 but having trouble with finding 2,3, and 4. Can’t seem to find it on here

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Clay. Thanks for the comment. They are in the video series section of the website. take a look and let me know if you find them ok.


  6. Jack mason

    I have a major problem with the takeaway. I don’t know what is the correct way when I hit balls they hook with all clubs. They are weak shots no distance I am now at the point of giving up. I am …

    show more
    1. Andy Proudman

      H Jack. Thanks for the comment. That’s a shame that you are struggling with this. What questions do you have about your back swing/ take away?

  7. Sean Brant

    Hello Andy,

    I am extremely new to golf, just started playing this year. I am 19 and I have good swing speed but cannot get the distance i should be getting with all my clubs. It seems they are all …

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  8. Brad

    Hi Guys.
    new to the site and finding it really helpful so far. ive got my grip a lot stronger and bringing it back squarer now but am still coming over the top. ive checked out the drills and seem to…

    show more
    1. Andy

      Hi Brad. Well the first thing is to make sure that the club face isn’t “open”. What we want you to assess is where is your starting direction? If it starts right of target at impact then your club fac…

      show more