Being able to control distance in your short game is hugely important if you want to shoot level par. Therefore, making a consistent, solid contact is a priority!

Many amateur golfers struggle with contact when chipping due to the swing being too shallow, often hitting the golf ball on the up. This is often due to the position of their shoulders at set-up. Many of you well may have heard that you “should” lean your weight on the lead side and lean the shaft forward. Where this is good advice, you need to be aware how this can affect your set-up. Often this leads to too much shaft lean and results in the spine tilting away from the target and the trail shoulder being too low.  This makes it very difficult to create a solid, slightly downward strike on the golf ball.

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  1. jjohnson

    So should we be more 50-50 on the weight and do a slight hip bump away from the target to get a more descending blow? Maybe it would just feel like our hips are pointing away from the target?

    1. Andy Proudman

      Yes thats perfect, we see people exaggerate the lean too much. By bumping your hips away from the target it will set the upper body more forward allowing for the descending blow as the shoulders will…

      1. jjohnson

        Thanks. I’ve been doing this and seeing great results.

        1. jjohnson

          Is this the same general setup for a pitch shot that has to go say 30-40 feet?

          1. Andy Proudman

            Yes you can use this for longer shots, Padraig Harrington used a similar technique to hit a 47 yard shot with his lob wedge to help win the 2007 Open Championship. It obviously depends on how much po…

  2. Darren

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve been practicing your level shoulders drill à lot lately and it has really helped me build confidence and improve my short game.
    Many thanks for sharing all the quality information …

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Darren thats great work. Glad it has helped, keep up the hard work. #TakeCharge

  3. kellihumo

    Great tip Andy, I,ve been doing this and its the best chipping advice i,’ve ever had and it works fantastically, not a single fat or thin chip since taking your advice- cheers m8

    1. Andy Proudman

      You are absolutely welcome, glad it helped. Keep up the good work. #TakeCharge