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Create more lag in the golf swing

Do you want to create more lag in the golf swing?  If the answer is yes then you need to read this article.

As golfers we would do anything to get better! But would you stand in a swimming pool with water up to your waist? Well maybe you don’t have to stand in a swimming pool but if you were to imagine that you are, then this analogy I am about to use will hopefully hit home.

People who struggle with timing, loss of power, contact consistency and accuracy often loose what we call power lag in their down swing.  In the back swing we create angles between the lead arm and the club shaft.  Now the longer we can hold those angles in the transition between back and down swing, the better chance we have of maintaining Power Lag.  Power Lag is measured from the transition down to when the hands meet hip high in the down swing.

Watch these videos that illustrate more…




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