Coaching The Worlds Best Putters – With Derek Uyeda

Description –  What do the tour players work on with their putting out on Tour? What do they struggle with and what are they key things required to be a world class putter?

In this episode we interview Derek Uyeda, inventor of the Putting Plates and putting coach to PGA Tour Players Charlie Hoffman and Xander Shauffele. We discuss some of the things he works on with the best players in the world as well as some of the most common mistakes that he has seen over his extensive coaching career.


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  1. Cory Maples

    Guys, very excited that you are doing a podcast. I have noticed from one episode to the other that the volume and overall sound quality has a wide range though. In my car, for example, I usually liste…

    1. Andy

      Hi Cory. Hope your game is good? Thanks so much for the message and feedback. We weren’t aware of the sound issues and we obviously want to make it as good as possible for you guys. I will have a work…