Secrets To A Good Short Game | Featuring James Ridyard

In Episode #22 Piers and Andy are joined by PGA Golf coach and short game specialist James Ridyard.  James Ridyard is a leading golf instructor, researcher and co-owner of the Short Game Secrets brand which brings some of the highest selling independently produced instructional videos to the industry. As an instructor, he spends the majority of his time working with elite players and has spent time coaching on all the major professional tours. He also ensures that he spends time working with players of all levels at his home base in the UK.

Find out how James has got to where he is as a coach as he shares with us some of his findings in his research on the short game to help you think differently next time you get to the practice area. His knowledge of the golf swing and short game is extensive but James prides himself on keeping things simple so that the golfer can maximize improvement, clarity and enjoyment.

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