January Sale: Huge deals dropped to help you crush your 2022 goals!

We’ve just announced some of the most exciting deals we’ve ever offered – designed to help you get ready to play your best ever golf this season. 

The value on offer here is incredible – this January you’ll be able to save up to 66% and hundreds of pounds, while getting as many as 3 coaching plans completely for free!

But you’ll have to act fast, as these offers are only going to be available for a limited amount of time. 

Full Body Freedom: Better Mobility, Better Scores + FREE Bonus Gifts!

Until the end of January, anyone who purchases our brilliant new golf mobility program Full Body Freedom will get at least one free coaching plan, worth £99!

Here’s how it works:

14th – 17th January

4 coaching plans for the price of 1!

Full Body Freedom + Secrets to Lower Scores + Winter Golf + Golf At Home

Was £296, now £99 – save 66%

19th – 24th January

3 coaching plans for the price of 1!

Full Body Freedom + Secrets to Lower Scores + Winter Golf

Was £247, now £99 – save 60%

25th – 31st January

2 coaching plans for the price of 1!

Full Body Freedom + Secrets to Lower Scores

Was £198, now £99 – save 50%

And here’s the page where you can grab the deals when they’re live: Me And My Golf January Sale

Full Body Freedom

In this easy-to-follow six-part coaching plan, Liesbeth will optimise your body with the help of super-simple yoga poses and movements carefully selected to prepare your body for playing golf.

The best part? You don’t need to be flexible or have any previous experience with yoga to benefit from this plan.

We’re confident if you follow this plan, you’ll experience lasting physical improvements that result in:

  • – A highly efficient swing
  • – Less tension
  • – Improved recovery
  • – Better longevity
  • – Amazing rotational capacity for greater distance
  • – Mental clarity and calmness
  • – Better, more enjoyable golf
  • – A healthier life overall

Secrets to Lower Scores

If you buy Full Body Freedom in January, you’re guaranteed to get Secrets to Lower Scores (worth $99) for free.

Why is this such an amazing deal? Well, because the coaching plan has the potential to completely alter your strategy on the golf course and lower your scores without having to make any changes to your swing!

Winter Golf

Take advantage of this deal between 14th – 24th January and you’ll get Winter Golf for free. 

Winter Golf gives you everything you need to play, and practice, effectively during the off-season – regardless of the weather or conditions on the course.

You’ll learn: 

  • – GAME-CHANGING indoor drills to practice at home
  • – How to play on WET, long, winter golf courses
  • – How to putt well on WINTER GREENS when putting
  • – How to hit GREAT SHOTS from wet, muddy lies and bunkers

And much more.

Golf At Home

Grab this deal before 17th January to get Golf At Home for free. This unique program is full of amazing tips and drills that will help you get better at golf without having to leave the house!

You’ll learn: 

  • ​​- How to identify and ELIMINATE your swing faults at home
  • – How to IMPROVE your putting with indoor putting drills
  • – Drills to build CONSISTENCY and POWER in your swing
  • – How to SIMPLIFY your chipping action and setup

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