How to Fix Your Slice

Picture of Andy Proudman with golf ball trajectory showing slice

There’s a number of methods to help you fix your slice. Many golfers have this problem, so know you’re not alone. There are 3 key ways to begin fixing your slice – this article covers tips that start controlling the club face. This is the area that we see is the main driver of causing the golf ball to slice and leading you to swing the club to the left. Go here to watch the video that goes into these tips in more detail. 

The reason we look at controlling the club face is because your face will influence your club path so if you fix you face you can fix your path.  We get the majority of the students we coach to focus on the face first, and then change the path of their swing. 

1. The Grip. 

How you hold the golf club is key. For somebody who tends to produce this curve to the right and has an open face when they strike, we need to look at the grip. Your left hand may be a little too round to the left, so start to think about bringing it round to the right, even if you go past a “textbook” 2-knuckle grip. 

Look at what both hands are doing. If you have a weak left hand where you can’t see any knuckles, you can play with making your grip a little stronger.

Move your left hand around the club so you can see three, even four knuckles. 

Consider your right hand. We often see when somebody struggles with a slice, their right hand can be too far over to the left. In this instance, we want to bring it more underneath the club.  

This will have a huge affect on closing the club face. Keep the club face square but adjust the grip

Straight away, these tweaks will change the relationship of the club face with the path without you having to worry about swing faults. If you can make small changes without thinking too much, just by doing a simple grip change, it’ll be a massive help. The right hand seems to be the one that causes more problems when talking about a slice, but why not experiment with both? Instead of trying to close the face straight away, adjust your grip and keep it strong. 

2. Club face checkpoint. 

Another way to fix your slice is to create a club face checkpoint using an alignment stick. 

3 tips to stop your slice using an alignment stickPut the alignment stick in the ground so it matches your spine angle at setup to use it as a checkpoint for your club face as shown above. 
So, to achieve a square face, the leading edge should be matching the alignment stick
For someone who slices the ball, the problem often occurs early in the backswing where they over-rotate the club head. That causes the leading edge to end up nowhere near the angle it needs to be (as above).

If you can get off to a good start and keep the club face slightly more neutral, it makes things a lot easier and means you won’t have to manipulate the club face in the down swing. You can exaggerate this drill as little or as much as you need to depending on how you’re progressing.

3. Club face rotation.

This is something that happens after you hit the shot.

Some of the best drivers in the world, in terms of when they’re using the driver, have a lot of club face rotation post-impact. Players such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have the toe of the club passed over the heel aggressively through the golf ball.

To help you improve your post-impact rotation, we have a great drill called laser butt.

Through your swing, you’re trying to get the butt of the club to point down to the target when the club is parallel to the ground. For somebody who leaves the club open, the butt of the club will be pointing more left.

We want to rotate the club face through the golf ball and get the club parallel to the ground. By working on what you’re doing post-impact, it changes what you do pre-impact. By rotating the club face through the ball, you’ll be at that parallel “laser butt” point, and then go into your normal finish.

If you’re still struggling with your slice, we have our Slice To Draw coaching plan which can help you start hitting your best shots in just 4 weeks. You could also check out these 3 ways to stop your slice forever

If you have any more questions on this please get in touch with us!

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