One Of The Biggest Reasons You Miss Fairways!

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We see a lot of people misconceive the technique for the driver, in this article I want to talk about one of the biggest reasons you miss fairways on the golf course.

We understand that we need a certain amount of width in the golf swing, by that I mean having a wide arc to the club head during the back swing. We see many of the best drivers in world have wide back swings, the problem is how golfers translate this into their back swings. 


In an effort to swing the golf club back wide we often see that golfers exaggerate this movement often causing the body to move too much laterally away from the target.  This happens early in the back swing and the golfer gets to a point that they are too wide which causes the arms to collapse by the time they get to the top of the back swing.  So in all their efforts to craft a wide back swing it actually creates a narrower one as the body can’t maintain the excessive width created so early in the back swing.


The best way for you to think about width is not by how far away the club head is away from the ball at the top of the back swing but by thinking about where the back of the lead hand is at the top.

So how much width do we need? The main differences between the driver and irons is in the set up, so once you have adapted the set up the golf swing will feel very similar.  As long as you work on getting the body to wind up well in the back swing and allow the structure of the arms and wrists to follow the body by getting a natural setting of the wrists you will find that you create all the width you need.


By just allowing the wrists to set as the body winds up and rotates in the back swing you will find you are fully primed at the top of the back swing with all the width you need.  There will also be a lot less strain on the body! By doing this you will hit more fairways and actually hit the golf ball more solid and consistent.   

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  1. kevin.matley

    Thanks for this, Piers!

    I’m still struggling with the path of the backswing with my driver. Wondering if you can post a drill on making a consistent takeaway for the path of the club head. I go bac…

  2. oscar

    Thank you for all your work. It has really helped me getting a lot better scores.

    1. Andy

      Hi Oscar. Great to hear that! Keep up the great work!

  3. Air ronge

    I find my swing plane is steeper for a fade than it is a draw and when I attempt to adjust to a wider swing plane for the driver – I am not as consistent hitting the fairway – my driver is also the Co…

    1. Andy

      What we would recommend is find a shot that is the most consistent for you. Most golfers think you need to play a draw off the tee to get distance and spend lots of time trying to do this and missing …

  4. barth_b

    You guys are great. I’m a new member and love the great information and videos on this site. Thank you very much!

    1. Andy

      Hi Barth. Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the site. Please leave us any questions you have about your game and we will see if we can help.



      1. Charles Jerrard

        Cheers, thanks Andy – gave it a go together with some hanger drill work. Have straightened out the ball flight and am now able to get into a position where I literally feel like I can hit it as hard a…

  5. woodstock

    Great advice. It’s not how wide your swing is ,it’s how you get there and maintain the L shape,not allowing your aarms to colapse! Thank you!

  6. Dean Harty

    Lads, how important is it to have a locked wrists, firm grip on the club at the top of your backswing?

  7. Steve ebert

    How do I sign up ? Love your lesson s. You keep it simple!

  8. Eduardo

    Gracias por la ayuda!!! Sos un genios. Eduardo from Argentina.

  9. Charles Jerrard

    Hey guys, so I have a problem. I set the club early with the wrists AND at the same time have a tendency to fan the club open! DISASTER! Perhaps you can share your favourite drill for a textbook takea…

    1. Andy

      Hi Charles. Thanks for the comment. One of our favourite drills is gripping down the shaft so the butt pints at your belly button and focus o0n the first move away keeping the butt toward the belly bu…

  10. golfcartsview

    This is a great resource, just nothing to say about this post. thanks