How our Breaking Balls Putting Mat is going to stop your three putts

Over 90% of putts are affected by the slope on the putting green, so why do we only practice straight putts?

We’re huge advocates for practicing golf in realistic settings, and putting is no exception. So if most putts are rarely ever straight, then why should you only be able to practice the straight ones at home? This is the reason we created the mat.

Introducing the ‘Breaking Balls Putting Mat’! Today we’re going through everything you could possibly need to know about this groundbreaking training aid.

How it’s going to help you

The breaking balls putting mat comes in 2 sizes, 7.5ft and 11ft. Unlike your other standard putting mat, this one comes with 3 different coloured breaking balls. The ball colour corresponds with the 3 different levels of break, blue being the biggest break.

There are coloured lines on the set-up area, which you can use to line up your putt, taking into account for the correct amount of break. Once all lined up you can practice on getting the correct speed to hole the putts.

But how does it work?! Each ball has a screw located in the side of the ball, and each screw is weighted differently to simulate different types of break. Blue simulates the biggest break, and green the smallest.

Depending on how you set up the ball at address, you can practice hitting putts that break from right to left and vice versa. So there are plenty of real, on course scenarios that you can practice for. Not only that, but we’ve also created a completely FREE coaching course, that comes as standard when you purchase the Breaking Balls Putting Mat!

The coaching series covers everything, from how to set up and use the mat correctly, to how to create the perfect putting routine. We’ve even included a great coaching game called ‘The Every Putt Challenge’ that we think you’re going to love.

Your questions answered

How do I access the Me and My Golf training videos?

Inside the box is a leaflet stating how to watch the training videos. Simple scan the QR code on the leaflet and should be taken to the Me and My Golf website. Either register for free or login and you’ll have full access to the videos.

What speed on the stimp metre is the putting mat?

The mat rolls at a medium to fast pace, depending on the floors surface. We find putting on hard floors roll faster than say a softer surface like carpet. We feel the mat is around 11 on the stimp meter just below the PGA TOUR average.

How do I know which way the ball will break?

All breaking balls have a line down the middle with a weight on the side of the ball. When positioning the ball on the mat the line should be aimed at your start line with eight the weight on the left or right. If the weight is on the left the ball will break toward the left (right to left putt).

We know this putting mat is going to make a hugely positive impact on your game, so be sure to click the link below and check them out on our official training aid website. No matter which country you’re in, you’ll be able to get your hands on one thanks to our worldwide shipping.

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