How the ‘baseball drill’ helps you shallow the golf club

Today we’re not beating around the bush, we’re going to explain to you one of our favourite drills to use when you’re too steep on the downswing and not quite striking your irons how you’d like to.

You’re welcome in advance.

The Baseball Drill

Set up as you would to the ball at address, and lift the club straight up in front of you, until the club and your arms are at 90 degrees to the rest of your body. See image below.

From here, remaining in the upright position, swing back as if you were completing your backswing. Then swing through all the way to the end of your follow through. This is how the swing gets its name, because this type of swinging motion is very similar to that of a baseball swing.

Once you are comfortable repeating this type of swing, and you have a feel for it. Then place a ball on a tee peg, and aim to emulate the shallowness of this baseball swing, while you cleanly pick the ball off of the tee peg. Making sure to avoid contact with the ground.

What is this drill good for?

Typically we would recommend this for people who have a very steep angle of attack, and are usually over the plane. Swinging around the body helps to create a better feel for shallowing the golf club, and the baseball analogy is an easy one that we find most people know how to do when we explain it.

If you find that you are losing distance, have an overly high ball flight or take excessive divots when you hit your irons then we would strongly recommend you try this drill out in your next practice session.

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