How we turned Alissa’s slice into a beautiful draw

This week we’re talking through a recent lesson we had with popular golf personality, Alissa Kacar. She wanted to stop slicing her driver, and to increase her distance. So let’s breakdown the two really simple changes we made to make it happen.

As you can see from the before photo, we quickly realised that Alissa starts the downswing with her lower body a bit too quickly, which was preventing her from completing her backswing. Because of this, the lower body was getting in the way of her downswing and causing a steep, over the top swing.

From looking at her FlightScope data, we could also see that her club face was open at impact, and this, coupled with her over the top, out to in swing were creating her slicing ball flight.

So the first thing we got her to work on was making sure her shoulders were at 90 degrees when she got to the top of her backswing. This extra rotation enables her to make more space for the downswing, in which she can drop her hands down lower and get her swing more on plane.

When trying this shoulder rotation out for yourself it’s important to remember that it’s okay for the legs to move and the trail leg to straighten a little to allow for a full shoulder turn. And when working on this we really recommend focusing on the ‘motion’ and not getting into specific positions on the downswing.

When it came to Alissa’s distance, we kind of worked on this inadvertently. By improving her swing path and club face at impact, we indirectly increased her ball speed because her ball striking improved.

As a little booster though, we recommended that Alissa turn into her trail leg during the backswing, loading the weight onto her trailside, so that her weight transfer through the downswing and impact could help to increase her clubhead speed and therefore her ball speed too.

As you can see above, the changes worked an absolute treat.

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