Break 90 With 5 SIMPLE Tips You Can Do Right NOW

It’s not only technique that is stopping you from Breaking 90. In fact, it may not even be that.

From years of coaching and working with golfers out on the course, we really have identified some key mistakes that could be costing you multiple shots.

The best part is, these tips are so easy, you can apply them next time you play. 

So many of our shots are wasted in the decision we make and the mindset we have and once we are aware of these, we can change them. If we change what we do, we will get different results.

In this episode, we share 5 simple tips that you can apply your game right away and instantly see those results.

We cover:

  1. Why you should let the lie dictate the club before the distance when you are in the rough.
  2. Putting – Forget about the line
  3. Why you MUST have a GOOD pre-shot routine.
  4. Why you shouldn’t aim at your target.
  5. Why it’s so important to have an “it’s not over till it’s over attitude”

Break 90 Caddie’s Playbook:

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