This shadow drill will completely transform your ball striking

It’s fair to say we have all been found guilty of becoming lazy from time to time when it comes to our golf swing. Inevitably we start subconsciously looking for shortcuts and it’s far easier to sway than it is to rotate, even if it comes at the expense of our strike.

In this week’s live lesson this is exactly what we saw with Jim, he was hitting the ground before the ball, comprising his strike, ball flight and distance. The cause? You guessed it, his sway.

Luckily for him we know an absolute belter of a drill to help fix this, which we kindly taught to Jim, and today we are doing the same for you. So let’s go through it.

The Shadow Drill

Set up with the sun behind you and address the floor as you would during a regular shot. Place the ball just inside your shadow on the trail leg.

Make sure that as you swing, you focus on the feeling of rotating and try to keep your weight more evenly distributed between your lead and trail leg. As you turn you should be able to see the ball in sunlight as your shadow moves.

Using the shadow as external feedback is an excellent way to check that you’re getting your body into the correct position, without having someone else there to film your swing or confirm it for you visually.

See below the difference this made in Jim position at the top of his backswing and impact…need we say any more?

You can see in the second image that his body is more inline with the ball, instead of trailing behind it. Allowing him to swing down at a slightly steeper angle of attack, meaning that he hits the ball before contacting the turf.

If you love this drill the definitely be sure to check out the rest of the video on our YouTube channel, and for more of our top tips click on the button below to access our new, completely free, break 90 e-book.

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