5 simple tips to consistently break 90

For some golfers breaking 90 can feel a million miles away, regardless of our handicaps, we can all say we’ve been there.

So we’ve put together 5 of our of our most simple, yet effective tips that we think are absolutely essential when it comes to breaking 90 on a consistent basis. So let’s get straight into breaking them down.

1. Tee it low on Par 3’s

Contrary to popular belief, the sweet spot on an iron is actually quite low on the club face (see the photo below). So teeing it too high can cause huge problems when it comes to getting on those par 3’s in reg.

If you’re teeing the ball up too high, and contacting the ball too high on the club face this usually means that you’re going to reduce the ball speed and distance that the ball travels. This plays right into the course designers hands, as most of the trouble on par 3’s can be found short.

It’s such a simple but effective fix, and one that can easily be overlooked. The next time you’re teeing off with an iron, check the ball position in relation to the club face at address and make sure it’s sitting lower down the club face, like I so beautifully demonstrate below.

2. Don’t be a stupid golfer

It’s not as harsh as it sounds, trust us. But when it comes to playing from out of position, in order to break 90 consistently, you really need to know when to take your medicine and play the safe shot.

You know the saying “a bogey is one bad shot, a double bogey is a bad shot followed by a stupid decision.” Well it’s true, for the vast majority of hero shots there are all too many variables at play and it’s really not worth it when you compare the success rates of each shot.

It might hurt your ego, but instead of trying to thread one through the trees, the better shot is more than likely one out sideways where you can guarantee yourself a chance on the next shot.

Playing the safer option, with way less obstructions may still give you a chance at saving par. And it will definitely reduce those card wrecking holes that we’ve all experienced. This will help to improve your consistency throughout the round, and this is one of the key things needed to break 90 on a regular basis.

3. Beware of the tees

You may have never thought this before, but sometimes the course is set up to play tricks on you, and this is never more true than on the tee box. Unless you have your wits about you it’s easy to set up to the markers and tee off without ever looking at where they’re actually aiming, and more often than not it’s likely they’re aiming towards something you want to avoid, just like the photo below.

To help combat this, we suggest that on every tee shot you stand behind the markers and then choose the line you would like to aim on. Track this line all the way back to the tee box, and pick something on the floor on that line a few feet in front of your ball. Now when addressing the ball, don’t look at the markers, but look at the spot you chose to aim at, and line up to that.

Now you’re in more control of your tee shot, and you can be more conscious of avoiding those hazards.

If you’ve loved tips 1-3 then be sure to check out the full YouTube video below, the last couple of tips are absolute belters, you aren’t going to want to miss them.

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