Are We Making Golf Too Complicated? Keep It SIMPLE

Advancements in technology now really enables us to understand more about the golf swing than we have ever have before but this doesn’t always mean that we make it easier.

We have launch monitors, 3D data, force plates etc which can provide huge benefits but how do we use these to actually get better?

Today’s podcast is a general conversation with myself and Piers about the importance of keeping it simple and what we have learned from years of coaching average golfers, PGA Tour Player Aaron Rai as well as spending time with multiple world no 1’s like Rory, DJ and Rahm.

Below are some of the key lessons we share:

  • The importance of focusing on one thing.
  • How will the change impact the ball flight?
  • Using feedback for improvement.
  • Having Realistic Rehearsals – full motion not just positions.
  • Most of the time it’s a set up or back swing problem.

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