Our top 3 MUST DO’S with your driver

It’s been a while, so it’s time for us to update our top 3 driver tips for you guys. We’ll give you a summary below, but be sure to check out the full YouTube video for all of the details.

1. Load the trail leg

This tip is super important when it comes to power and your angle of attack. Many times we see players with poor weight transfer, who start their downswing with their arms and this typically leads to them being over the plane with a steep angle of attack. Therefore they cut across and down on the ball at impact, creating a weak ball strike and ball flight that goes right of target, just like the image below.

Loading the trail leg, and starting the downswing with the lower body really is key when you’re looking to create power in your swing. A proper loading of the weight on the trail foot allows for more rotation, also allowing you to get the upper body turning and leaning away from the target. This position at the top of the backswing will enable you to get behind the golf ball, so that you can launch it by transferring all your weight and hitting up on the ball at impact (which we know is key for increasing distance).

We’ve got a brilliant drill to help you work on this, which focusses on building rotation and preventing sway. Be sure to check out the video below to see how it’s done.

2. Hips lead the upper body

It’s a well known fact that the downswing should start from the ground up. However it’s a common problem that we see people initiating the downswing with upper body sway and their arms. This is going to create the classic, steep, over the top swing that we know so many golfers struggle with.

So you need to work on starting the downswing with your hips in order to give yourself more space to swing and a better angle of attack at impact. In turn this will improve both your power and accuracy, two key elements to driving the ball successfully.

The drill we recommend to work on this is called ‘The thunder step drill’. You can skip to 4:40 on the video below to get a full demonstration.

3. Toe must win

If the heel of your club beat the toe of the club to the ball then you’re going to hit a heel strike. This means the ball will contact the club with the face open, increasing the chances of hitting a slice as the club face aims right of the target.

You need to work on the toe of the driver getting to the ball first, if it can win the race you’re going to get a higher ball speed, squarer contact and you’re going to encourage the body to move in a more dynamic way because the club face is working better at impact.

We recommend a drill using an impact bag in order to work on getting the club moving toe first at impact. We’ve linked the full video below so you can see it in action for yourself.

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