5 Tips To Break 90

In this episode we talk about 5 key things that can make a huge difference to your game. With the launch of our new Break 90  Coaching Plan, we share with you some of our best pieces of advice that you can apply immediately to your game. 

We discuss the importance of …

  • The Pivot
  • Club Face
  • Strike 
  • Putting Distance Control
  • Approach Play 

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  1. cnolan33

    This is a GREAT podcast. I love these please keep doing them. Lots of in depth detail and the talk about the strategies really gets you thinking. I always get caught up in trying to make these perfect…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Strategy is key and isn you can think better on the golf course it makes a huge difference. Let us know how it goes next time you are on the golf …

      1. cnolan33

        Played a few courses on a golf trip this week in British Columbia, Canada. Picturing greens without pins maybe isn’t as fun as attacking a pin and getting a great result maybe 1 out of 3 times but st…

        1. Andy

          Happy to hear that you took our advice and went with it and yes it may feel defensive but the score card certainly doesn’t. Great work!!