If you struggle with inconsistent ball striking with your irons and you have either the Early Release or Hanging Back swing faults, then you need to continue reading because we may have the secret on how to strike your irons better than ever.

As you know, both of these swing faults encourage the bottom of the arc of your down swing to bottom out before the ball.

So what if we were to say to you that you can reduce this effect on your contact by actually introducing something to your golf swing which would be considered a fault by many people?

Bear with me on this. So if we know that the bottom of the arc is too far behind the ball, what if we where to simply move your body positions more toward the target through out the set up, back swing and then impact?

So instead of going for a 50-50-weight distribution at set up (Picture 1) why not lean slightly towards the target? (Picture 2)


Also, instead of working towards loading the majority of weight into your trail side at the top of the back swing (Picture 3) you worked on staying more centered over the ball by feeling you where actually leaning more on your lead side at the top of the back swing? (Picture 4)


By leaning your weight more towards the target through the set up, back swing and impact you will help to counteract the Early Release and the Hanging Back swing faults.

Now I know these moves may not be “text book” but they will improve your ball striking and always think, the ball doesn’t know where your weight is distributed!

It only understands what hits the ball, and if it’s the ball first as opposed to the ground before the ball then your ball striking will be more consistent than ever and your ball flight will be amazing.


There can be pitfalls of doing this and we would only recommend this if you have either of these swing faults.  The best thing to do is either book a lesson with your local pro or go to and check out the Early Release and Hanging Back swing faults to see if you do them and then give it a try.

This may seem a bit out of Left field but this is something that has worked many times with our students and we will continue to use.  Let us know if this is something that might help you? Post your comments and we’ll get back to you soon.

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  1. Edszal


    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Ed. Thanks for the comment. Glad you like what we are doing. Hopefully we can continue to help you this season with your game.

  2. Sean Malone

    When I hit an iron I move some weight on right side and slightly tilt then I transfer back before I rotate my torso have you seen this before lads

  3. Omar Rattan

    Like the theory guys, can you elaborate on hip rotation with the weight being so centered. I ask as with having more weight on my trail side, I can drive forward and initiate with the lower half… So…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Omar. Thanks for the comment. Great question. So this golf swing is a great alternative for someone who has difficulty transferring weight. Starting with the weight more forward just puts us in a b…

  4. Neil White

    This is something that my pro who I’m seeing for lessons got me to do, initially felt quite strange, almost like you were trying to punch it, but after some time at the range practicing this move and …

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Neil. Thanks for the comment. Glad this is working for you. It is not for everyone but a great option if you struggle to shift weight in the down swing.

  5. Christian

    What about Angle of Attack? If I stay more on top of the ball I suppose I would hit more down on the ball?

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Christian. This would help move the bottom of the arc more after the ball yes so the club would be hitting more down on the ball.

  6. Deby

    Is this the “stack and tilt” swing that was popular for awhile?

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Deby. Yes this is essentially what Stack and Tilt is about. Can work for some golfers, not all.

  7. Antony

    Surely this is the “Stack & Tilt” method? I tried it and ended up pushing all my shots violently out to the right!

    1. Andy Proudman

      Yes this is very similar to Stack and Tilt. This doesn’t work for everyone but we have found that for some golfers who really struggle to shift weight in the down swing, this helps their ball striking…

  8. Alun

    Couldn’t this lead to a reverse pivot if you aren’t flexible or strong enough to get the shoulders to turn as demonstrated in the picture?

    1. Andy Proudman

      This needs to be done correct Alun yes. Usually though this is a god option for someone who isn’t as flexible. We are just staying more centered and making sure we create a decent turn.

  9. adam h

    I do tend to hit a little fat and behind the ball, and this concept does like wonderful and I look forward to trying it out.

    I do have a question though, at address using this method we are 60% on…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Adam. Thanks for the comment. Great questions also. Yes as you turn in the back swing, the weight will move slightly tot he trail side. We want you to “feel” that it stays on the lead side. This wi…

      1. adam h

        Such a great key – “feel” as though the weight is forward.
        Really worked well, thanks! – I am not taking as big a divot as id like after the ball just yet – must need to increase my angle of attack …

        1. Andy d

          This method was used by tiger before he changed his swing.Worked well for him. Its called picking.if it works,enjoy, im still dealing with fatting the shots. Will try this.

  10. David

    My iron game is he on thing that needs to come together now. I m hitting the driver and fairway woods well, the putting is quite good as well. I can’t wait to try this out on the range tomorrow so tha…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi David. Let us know if this helps.