Do you early release?


The Early Release is a down Swing Fault and is defined as and excessive loss of angle created with the club shaft and lead arm in the down swing. This is one of the most common Swing Faults and has a huge influence on contact and producing power to the golf ball. This is also one of the hardest things to train. Starting the down swing in the right sequence is really important when it comes to this Swing Fault. The best players in the world start from the ground up passing energy from the lower body to the torso then arms and hands and eventually to the golf club. This allows the club to trail and will hold or even decrease the angle in the down swing ultimately creating a more solid hit and more power and a more penetrating ball flight.

Common Causes

  1. Poor understanding of concept – Golfers are often unaware of how we are looking to generate speed and start the down swing. This can lead to applying power to early from the hands and arms.
  2. An open club face – This is the most common cause. When a golfer has an open club face or poor back swing sequence, in an effort to square the golf club at impact they will Early Release.

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  1. MrGrendar

    Hi, after ive started to integrate the lag and the wrist to my swing ive started to hit the ball alot longer, but ive had to put the ball alot further back in my stands to get the perfect hit. Ive add…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Thanks for the comment. Putting the golf ball back in the stance will help your contact in the short term but hinder your progress in the long term. Our suggestion would be to move the ball forward in…

      1. MrGrendar

        Hi again, sorry for the late delay but tried to set the ball back in the middle of the stands and instead put my stands a bit wider. I must say it worked like a charm. As you said, i got some thick an…

        1. Andy Proudman

          Great! Yes it will take a little adjustment but with some practice it should really help. Lets get you 10 this year!! keep up the hard work. Well done.

  2. Rex Janssen


    I tried the drill you showed on youtube about starting with a closed club face and hitting shots to the right of the stick – could I actually play golf starting with a closed club face becau…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Rex. We wouldn’t recommend staring with this in play but continue to practice this if it helps then gradually move the face back to a square position.

  3. lchen0008

    Hey guys,

    I’ve seen a couple videos where you guys teach a drill with the clicker tube. With 3-4 balls in the tube, you load the balls into the end you’re holding on the backswing, hold the balls …

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Lawrence.

      Thanks for the questions. This drill applies for all full power shots yes. Not so much for pitching though as it is a slightly different move. It is a great drill to help feel that power…