3 of Our Best Golf Tips for Senior Golfers

Are you a senior golfer looking for more consistent, more enjoyable golf this season? If so, this post is for you.

In our latest YouTube video, Piers and Andy share three of their best and most effective golf tips for senior golfers.

You will learn how to:

  • – Generate more distance off the tee
  • – Strike your irons better
  • – Improve your margin for error when chipping

Watch the video below:

Driving tips for senior golfers

Close your stance, flare out your back foot

One way for senior golfers to improve their distance with the driver is to generate more turn or rotation in the swing – but that can sometimes be difficult for older players.

However, we have a really simple tip to help generate more hip rotation in your body easily and comfortably.

Firstly, move your back leg back so that you’re in a closed stance.

Then flare out your back foot to give you as much freedom as possible in your swing, while increasing the arc in your backswing and therefore generating more power.

Iron tips for senior golfers

Move away from the ‘sway line’

One of our simplest tips for seniors to improve their ball striking with irons involves making it as easy as possible to move into the lead leg when striking the ball – something the best players consistently do.

Imagine there’s a line moving up the outside of your back leg when you address the golf ball. This is what we refer to as the ‘sway line’.

What you should aim to do is work away from the sway line in your backswing – moving your hips forward towards the target and creating some distance between you and the sway line before starting your downswing.

If you were to move away from the target over the sway line, you’d have to work much harder and move more to get onto the lead leg when you swing.

So, try and create the feeling that the pocket on your back leg is moving towards the target at the top of the backswing.

Chipping tips for senior golfers

Centralise the setup, brush the ground

Short game coaching has changed a lot in recent years – and there are some new ideas and techniques that should help senior golfers when it comes to their chipping.

You may have previously been told that the key to good chipping is to put the ball back in your stance, to lean forward, to lean the shaft forward, and then hit down on the ball.

However, we have a better way of executing a chip shot that will increase your margin of error and mean that even poor shots will lead to better results.

Instead, put the all in the middle of your stance, have your shaft pointing straight up to your belly button and put some slight pressure on your lead leg.

Then you need to focus on allowing the club to BRUSH the ground, rather than hitting down on the ball.

One great way of practising this feeling is to place a ball marker a couple of inches before the golf ball and work on hitting the marker before the golf ball when chipping. But the key is to brush the ground, rather than hit down on the ball.

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  1. Richard S.

    Piers and Andy – Thank you for creating this video for seniors. I took a couple of your suggestions (e.g. foot placement for driver and forward lean on irons) and took them to a practice round. I noti…

    1. Andy P.

      Pleasure Richard! Happy to hear this helped!!

  2. Leon Amer

    Great tips! How, as a 61.5 yr old, do I regain the yardage advantage with driver vs 3w? If driver doesn’t go farther, why have it in the bag?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Leon, totally agree if the driver doesn’t go further then stick with the 3 wood. What i would say is that I would still experiment with trying to get the most out of the driver distance wise like…