Our ones to watch at the 2021 Ryder Cup

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, and we can hardly contain our excitement!

The Ryder Cup 2021 is about to begin, and we’ve seen lots of talk about top scorer predictions, so thought we’d throw our hats into the ring too.

So here is our breakdown, of which individual players will score the highest for their respective teams, and also what we think the final score will be overall.

For team USA it’s hard for us to look past the 2018 Ryder Cup veteran Justin Thomas.

His stand-out performance 3 years ago, in his first ever Ryder Cup appearance, makes him hard to forget and a very likely integral member in this year’s team.

His chemistry with Jordan Spieth makes them a formidable duo and his exceptional iron play will definitely put any opponent he faces under pressure.

He is also very vocal about his love for this competition, he takes the prospect of playing for his country very seriously, and so we expect to see him giving his all out on the course over the next 3 days!

In terms of team Europe, our highest scorer prediction is going to be Jon Rahm.

You can just see from all the media coverage this year that the Spaniard is super fired up and ready to take over the baton for the younger generation of Europeans.

With the likes of Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter inevitably coming to the end of their Ryder Cup career, Rahm is the one stepping up and showing that he is ready to take on that leadership role.

His 2018 performance against Tiger in the Sunday singles was awe-inspiring, and shows he’s got more than enough grit to go up against any of the US side.

We’ve spoken to him personally and can testify to the fact that he is uber passionate about the competition, and you can bet he’s going to pull out all the stop to do what he can to ensure Europe bring home the trophy again.

Ultimately, we think the competition this year is going to run really close, however the US have a huge advantage playing at home and we do think that will be the tipping point. 

Steve Stricker has done an amazing job of bringing the team together this year, and what with the team dinners and extra practice sessions, we think this could be the year that the US really look like a cohesive team and not such a team of individuals. 

But feel free to hit us up on our socials and tell us if you think we’re wrong…secretly we hope we will be! Come on team Europe!! 

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