Synchronize Your Back Swing For Better Golf

Synchronization of the arms and body in the back swing is vitally important to help produce a well-timed down swing and consistent impact.

While we see lots of different styles of back swings, one thing all amateur golfers should be thinking about is: how efficient is my back swing?

We see lots of compensations in the golf swing and these are usually due to something happening as we swing the club away and time and time again we see golfers get “out of sync” right from the start.

We see this so often that we have created a “swing fault” called the “Disconnected Move away”.

This is where the lead arm separates from the chest, out races the torso and leads to the club swinging on a poor “plane”.


Here is a drill that is great to “sync” the arms and body in the move away.

  1. Hold down the club so that plenty of the grip is showing above your hands.
  2. Hover the club in the air so that you still remain in a good posture.
  3. Now start your move away by engaging and rotating your core.
  4. As you rotate and move the club away keep the butt end of the club pointing at your trail hip until your hands pass your legs.

Now you have the feeling of not only “syncing” your arms and body up but also engaging your core muscles as you start your back swing.

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