Science in golf has allowed us to pin point and gather data on exactly what makes the best players in the world as good as they are.  From this information we can dilute this into drills that help amateur golfers in their mission to reducing the ever-stagnant golf handicap.

All amateurs are striving for more power! Even if your friends say their not, are you telling me they wouldn’t like 20 more yards off the tee?  I once heard the great Martin Hall say, “If someone tells you they don’t want to hit the ball further they will lie about other things also.”

When we talk about power we often talk about the down swing sequence where the lower body starts the down swing followed by the torso, then the arms, then the hands and club.  With this article I thought I would talk about the link between the arms and torso and in particular the role the lead arm and the torso.

Tests have shown that if the lead bi-cep can maintain contact with the lead chest on the down swing you will generate more power.  This connection helps maintain the link between the torso and arms in the down swing which acts as a sling shot as the torso transfers energy to the arms.

The best drill to simulate this is to place a head cover or glove under the lead armpit and hit mini shots seeing if the object stays in place.  If it drops out as your hitting shots there is a good chance you are not maximizing distance.


If you do drop the object you now have a new drill to put into your practice regime.  As you get better at the drill up the tempo and start put in full power, it will feel a bit restricted at first but it is a great dill for improving sequencing and connection in your down swing.

Let me know if this helps you start to out drive your playing partners.

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  1. Paul b

    Total and I mean TOTAL nonsense

    1. Greasy

      Concur. Check out many of Hogan’s swings you’ll see his left arm exit his upper torso half through his downswing. Great arm swingers i.e Leslie King followers have no part of restricted action like c…

  2. Sebastian

    Hey Guys!

    Great drill but what is the difference between putting an object under the left or the right arm pit? you see a lot of tour players using this drill with an object under the right arm pit…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Sebastian. Thanks for the comment. They are both very similar actually. In our opinion the one under the left arm helps the initial move away and back swing whereas the right arm is mainly for the …

  3. Michael

    Great drill. It helps you maintain a good swing-plane and An outside-in swing will cause the glove to drop. Having the glove under the right arm encourages a shallower start to the backswing. All in a…

  4. Jim Craven

    Been watching Dr. Rob McNiel’s Wedge Works and they emphasize this connection a lot for finesse wedges, distance wedges, and the full swing. As I’ve progressed in getting and keeping this connect…

    1. Andy P.

      Great Jim. Yes Rob’s stuff is amazing. He knows his stuff and he’s a great guy. Glad it’s progresed