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How To Play The Stinger With The Driver

Sometimes, the faster you get the golf ball on the ground, the better, and when it comes to playing golf in the wind or on a links style golf course, this can give you a huge advantage to find more fairways and maximize your distance. So how can you create that low flying drive that stays low and runs like crazy? WeIl, it’s all to do with dynamic loft.

To hit the “stinger” you want to produce a low dynamic loft when we strike the golf ball in order to create a low launch and low spin. This shot proves to be difficult amongst golfers as many of you produce a high dynamic loft at impact.  However, with the correct technique, understanding and practice you can play this shot on demand!

To produce this low dynamic loft we want to produce a shaft that leans towards the target at IMPACT. This lowers the loft which helps lower the launch angle and spin rate. The key to achieving this is to not only produce the shaft lean but also produce an “about” square face to path at the point of contact.

Here are a few simple things to help you and it starts with the set up.

Move the golf ball a little further back in the stance and place a little more weight on your lead side. This will help you produce a slight downward hit on the ball.

Now the key to creating a low loft and square face is in the lead wrist. Simply make a swing with your lead arm, without a club and return the hand to IMPACT with your lead wrist “bowed” so that the logo on the glove points to the ground directly in front of the ball. This is a great “feeling” in the golf swing to help lean the shaft forward and square the face up when striking the golf ball.

To help ensure you return to a good impact, focus on what you do in your follow through. Feeling the wrists are “passive’” with a curtailed finish will help reduce any unwanted loft through the ball and ensure that the golf ball starts low and stays low.

Remember, the key is keeping the loft off the club through IMPACT so sometimes reducing the power slightly will help you do this without losing distance.

You are now armed with the “Stinger” in your locker! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start working on it, you never know when you might need it.



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  1. erbolduc

    great tips (as always); look forward to trying it.

    btw- may have found a typo :
    3rd paragraph
    The(y) key to achieving…

    1. Andy

      Hope it helps! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Dustin Hill

    Do you guys have a video of this as well? Great tip, but would love to see a video. Thanks for all the information you guys post, love the quick 1 minute quick vids!

    1. Piers Ward

      Hello Dustin thank you for your comment and I hope you’re loving the website! Unfortunately we don’t have a video on this on the site, it is something that we have filmed but its not on the site just …