Accuracy or Distance?

What do you think is more important, accuracy or distance?

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  1. Pete Blackler

    In my opinion, accuracy is far better than distance because being on the fairway always allows you to have a better chance of making a par or whatever score required for your handicap. Whereas being i…

    1. worlanyo krah

      The is perfectly said better to be accurate than distance,

    2. Deagan

      Distance is better I’m a 4handicap and I have been playing for a year. That’s down to hitting my driver 270+ and i do miss alot of fairways but if i need a fairway I use my 4iron that goes 220.


  2. elwhoppo

    Yes accuracy firstly then add distance later

  3. Mikemmwen

    Distance because it will increase your GIR . A pitching wedge out the rough is better than a 7 iron on the fairway. I’m 13 years old and hit my driver 250

  4. Chrisvb007

    Accuracy is always better than distance. Someone who can hit the ball dead straight but shorter than another player who is long and inaccurate will always be a better scorer in golf. Distance has no a…