So what is the secret to “lag” in the golf swing? This is a question many of you would kill to know the answer to as we would all love to be in that powerful delivery position where that club is trailing ready to release at the golf ball.

Creating “lag” isn’t as easy as just holding the wrist angle for longer in the down swing, if only it was it would make our job much easier and there would be more happier golfers out there.

We have all seen the best players in the world just before impact where the golf club looks in a really powerful position with a beautifully timed sequence to the down swing.


We see many golfers trying to improve their lag by just trying to hold the wrist angles for as long as possible in the down swing and so often this causes the ball to push, slice or even shank now and again. Now this doesn’t breed confidence or improvement so what is the secret?

Well creating a good down swing sequence relies on a number of things and one of the most important things is having good club face control. The majority of golfers who “Early Release” do so due to an open club face or poor back swing sequence. This makes it difficult to sequence your down swing correctly and extremely difficult to get any “lag”.

Remember that if you aren’t creating much “lag” it is happening for a reason. You must first need to fix that reason.

Well here is one of the “secrets” to creating a good lag. Understand that the club face does not stay “square” to the target through impact (see image below), the face is in the process of closing. Many golfers we see that struggle with lag have poor rotation of the club face through impact, this has a knock on affect in the golf swing and the “Early Release” (loss of lag) helps compensate and square the face up at impact. Correct the reason first, now you can improve your lag.


Allowing the club face to “close” through the hitting area (see image below) will not only increase speed and distance but also unlock the very thing that is limiting you from creating this “lag”.


The first few shots you hit may go a little left but that is a great indicator for you to work on getting that golf club trailing in that powerful position we see so often.

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  1. Carl Phillips

    I have never hit a golf ball in my life but I always wanted to get into golf. pointers please.

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Carl.

      Thanks for the comment. If you are just starting then focus on building a great set up. Work on your grip and posture and create a good understanding of the golf swing. Is there anything par…

  2. Carl Phillips

    Pointers for a beginner golfer please

  3. Dietmar Neussl

    Dear Andy and Piers,
    I started playing Golf again this summer and since then I have kept on watching your videos because they are really well done anf have increased my understanding. With this and w…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Dietmar.

      Thanks for the comment. Great to hear that we have helped your game. Great question too! This all depends on the person really. Too much wrist set at the top can definitely result in an E…

  4. George Brown

    Where should the thumb be on the shaft or just right of centre . I believe the club should be held mainly in the fingers and not the palm, is this correct?

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi George.

      Thanks for the comment. Ideally the thumb should be slight down the right yes. the club should be more through the base of fingers and palm underneath the “heel pad” of the hand. Hope that…

  5. Nz31tm

    Gents…I’m curious if your going to sell apparel with the meandmygolf logo on them?

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi. Yes we will definitely have some apparel but not quite sure when we will get them. We may have some caps etc this year but as soon as we get any more products we will let you know.



  6. alec1331


    I have been playing for awhile now but in the past year I have injured my lead knee and doesn’t allow me to put much weight forward on my follow through. I was wondering if there are any tips…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Rich.

      Thanks for the comment. When you struggle to shift weight to your lead leg we usually see that the contact with your irons can suffer as the low point of the swing can often be too early. Ad…

  7. mfowler

    Hi there, I have been playing golf for years and I am a 12 handicap. The problem I have is every time I stand over a ball I actually don’t know what to do. Strange I know but I am not sure where the c…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. Do you have any friends who have lessons who can recommend a pro to go and see? You need to see someone who can explain and answer all of your questions but also look at yo…

  8. sean malone

    Hi andy i find your videos great i have a question about setup and sholder aliignment in relation to the rest of my setup eg feet knees how do you determine that everything is square sometimes i hit t…

  9. joseph

    Thanks for the golf lessons, but I still can’t hit my driver straight. Its either goes left or right every time. My woods are often straight and so r my irons. Please Help

    1. Andy

      Hi Joseph. Thanks for the comment. Is the golf ball curving at all?