The Biggest Reason For Golfers 3 Putting

What Causes Golfers To 3 Putt.

The biggest reason we see for 3 putting from distance is the inability of the golfer to change the swing length and keep the pace of the putting stroke consistent.  Basically we see golfers having the same length backstroke, whether they have a 15-foot putt or a 45-foot putt. 

Generally we see the back swing length is pretty good for most golfers on 15 foot putts.  However we then see golfers using the same back swing for longer putts and with a short back swing you need to accelerate a lot on the through stroke to get the ball to the hole.  This rate of acceleration makes it difficult to get consistent distance control.

The best way to think of long putting is the length of the backstroke dictates the distance control, not the effort level.

Start Getting Those Long Putts Closer

Start by videoing yourself hitting some putts from different distances.  Then determine if you control the distance of your putts with the length of back stroke or effort through the ball.  If you are controlling distance through effort and you would like to improve your long putting then try lengthening your back swing and having a slower than normal through stroke. 

Time To Revaluate Your Putting

Now video yourself again.  Hopefully you will see that the backstroke length and through swing length are symmetrical on both sides of the ball position.


This change is only worth considering if you struggle with distance control or just want to get that little bit better at putting.  My hunch though is if you do control your length of putts by effort level you are probably not going to be as efficient as you would like to be. 

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