5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Better at Golf

In episode 14 Piers and Andy discuss 5 very common things that could be holding you back from playing great golf.

Chances are that you will be doing at least one of these and you will know a few of your friends who will be doing multiple!

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  1. Malcolm

    Hey guys-have been watching your instaclips for a while and just started listening to your podcast-its fantastic! Please keep hem coming as they give really good direction (that I hope to put into pra…

    1. Andy

      Hi Malcolm. Thanks so much for joining the Me and My Golf Community! Happy to hear that you enjoy the content we put out. We will answer this in our Q and A this month. Thanks for the suggestion and m…

  2. Mike

    Hi guys enjoying the podcast after following your top class guidance for last few years. Keep it up! Quote ok but the ‘no hurry’ a little bit dated in this era of speeding up the game. 4hr round shoul…

    1. Andy

      Thanks Mike. Glad you like them. A great way for us to talk about different subjects. Thanks for the support. Please let us know how we can help you this year.