The Secret Ingredient To Your Lowest Round with Scott Fawcett

Do you feel like you’re leaving shots out there on the golf course? Do you often look back at this silly mistakes just knowing you can score so much better? 

Well today, we discuss what we believe is one of the biggest factors that could you can work on that will produce fast results. 

We interview one of the world leaders in on-course strategy, Scott Fawcett.

Scott is the creator of DECADE Golf, a course management system combining shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics. When Scott combined those two data sets, he created a simple way to optimize target selection and ultimately lower your scores. 

In today’s podcast we discuss the following:

  • How many times a PGA Tour Pro actually attacks the pin in a round.
  • Trends amongst average golfers and what has the biggest impact on scores
  • How to approach your “nemesis” hole. 
  • How to approach Par 3’s 4’s and 5’s differently when it comes to strategy?
  • 3 key questions you can ask that will lower your scores.

Decade Golf –    

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