I’ve Got The Golfing Bug with Actor Tom Davis

Tom Davis is a writer, actor and stand-up comedian best known for his breakout show, cult BBC3 series Murder in Successville.

Tom has built his reputation as a multi-talented stand-up comedian, writer and actor, appearing in the Morgana Show, Bad Education, Drunk History, and Cockroaches. The latest series of his hit show King Gary hits our screens later this year.

Tom is relatively new to golf, playing for around 12 months. We connected with Tom through Instagram and wanted to get him on the podcast and chat about his experience of golf, why he started and some of the struggles he has with the game.

We had a great chat about the game in general, what makes it so addictive and how we can draw from other areas of our lives to help us play better.

*Please be aware that this podcast contains some strong adult language!*

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