Your golf swing will never improve if you keep ignoring this

We would go as far as to say, in terms of performance, this has to be the best golf lesson we have released on to YouTube so far.

At the start of the lesson, Jason was struggling with duffed and slicing iron shots.

So, we gave him two simple steps to correct this and the more the lesson went on, the more he started to absolutely pepper the pin.

Here is a brief run down of the things we worked on:


At first glance, Jason had a good grip, however looking at it from head on can sometimes be deceiving. In order to fix it, we took Jason’s right hand away, just looking at the left one and when we opened up his hand we found something contributing to his strike issues.

Jason set up with the club in the palm of his hand, not in the fingers. This was inhibiting his ability to turn the club at impact, so we adjusted his grip into the correct position. As you can see from the image below, the club is where Jason originally had his grip, but the blue line across his fingers is where we got him to hold it instead.

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Thanks to some questioning, we realised quickly that Jason’s perception of ‘release’ was actually causing his swing fault. So, in the lesson, we took some time to talk through what release through impact should look like.

When we talk about releasing the club, we’re referring to the club-head moving from open in the backswing, to closed, just past the point of impact. The terms ‘open’ and ‘closed’ are used in relation to the target. And whilst we want the club-head to rotate during impact, it needs to be done the correct way to have the desired effect.

Jason’s understanding of the movement was very ‘flippy’, as you can see from Andy’s imitation below, the wrists were bent and we want them to remain mostly straight through impact. Jason also had a lot of wrist bend through his release, and we wanted to reduce that too.

Instead of the above, when releasing the club through impact, you should aim to keep your arms and wrist relatively straight, with a focus on turning the hands over, not bending the wrists.

To see which drill we used to help Jason with his release, then check out the full video below.

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