When people come for a golf lesson and they say they are finding it difficult to strike the golf ball solid or they are struggling to keep the ball flight lower the first thing I think of is, what is going on with this persons weight shift.

The Hanging Back swing fault is one of the biggest reasons for hitting the ball Fat/Thin or Too High, the fault means that the weight is not transferred enough from the trail to lead side through impact and into the finish position causing the bottom of the arc of the swing to be before the ball thus making it difficult to get the solid contact and promoting too much dynamic loft on the clubface.



If you do have the Hanging Back fault what you need is The Tee Forward Drill.  Simply address where the normal ball would be and then tee up another ball 6-12 inches towards the target and on the target line.



You then move the normal ball position ball out of the way, keep the club head in the same position.

By hitting ball, which is 6-12 inches further forward than normal, you will be forced to shift your weight more towards the target.  The ball flight will be very high and probably to the left but don’t worry about this, because as long as you are making contact with the ball you will be transferring your weight better.


You need to hit a minimum of 50 balls with this drill and then go back to the normal ball position and create the same feeling.

This is one of the most, simple drills you can use to fix your Hanging Back, but it is also one of the most effective. Do this drill to help #TakeCharge of your contact and your trajectory.

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  1. jonclod

    Piers and Andy thank you so much for all the time ya’ll put into these great and very well explain videos .I loved the one where ya’ll took on mark crossfield great match but the reason I’m sending yo…

  2. Alan Woodward

    Wonder if you could help as I am finding it difficult to hit a clean shot off the fairway because of tight lies off muddy fairways with both irons and fairway woods?
    Appreciate your reply

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Alan.

      Thanks for the comment. What is your striking problem. Are you hitting the turf before the golf ball?

  3. Dale Fawthrop

    Ball forward is an excellent drill that I need to do more frequently. I don’t have a weight shift problem but now in my 70’s I don’t come through the ball as much. This drill improves that move throug…