Practise at Home with Flexible in 15

By Andy Caldwell

Practise at home with Flexible in 15

Challenges create opportunity!

We are all acutely aware of the worldwide challenges COVID-19 is creating and will create. One of these issues is the restriction of movement and attendance at the gym and possibly the golf course.   Many will be asked to work from home as contact limitation and social distancing comes into effect. However, rather than view this negatively, we can recognize the unique opportunity this presents to practise at home.

I am a charted physiotherapist and golf performance specialist with over 22 years’ experience working with golfers to improve their performance, reduce their risk of injury and manage pain. Using this extensive expert knowledge, I have created Flexible in 15 with Piers and Andy at Me and My Golf.

Our aim was to provide a targeted and focused mobility plan which addresses many of the key areas that many golfers have issues with, which negatively contribute towards common patterns of movement that coaches and players observe in their golf swing.  These technical difficulties often have their origins in physical impairments and movement dysfunction which is driving the swing pattern that the coach and player observe.

Research evidence and my experience also highlight that many of these movement impairments can be linked to a higher prevalence of injury. Again, this is the objective when we focus on key areas within Flexible in 15.  For example, loss of hip internal rotation has been linked to a higher prevalence of low back pain – the number 1 injury observed in both amateur and professional golfers. Flexible in 15 has a key focus on hip mobility alongside other key regions of the body, and it is the perfect plan to practise at home!

Week 1 Flexible in 15 Short Drills

To showcase some of the content available in the plan, here are a couple of the short drills from week 1 that you can practise at home!

Drill 1 – Spikey Ball Pectoral Against the Wall

In this drill, the goal is to improve pectoral flexibility. You need to put the ball against the wall and put yourself in the 90-90 position. From there, put compression through the ball onto the wall while keeping the head facing straight ahead. Once in this position, you need to move North, South, East and West whilst keeping compression on the ball.

Spikey ball against the wall using the 90-90 position
Put the ball against the wall and take up the 90-90 position as Andy has here
Spikey ball against the wall drill
Position the spikey ball between your pectoral muscle and the wall

Drill 2 – Foam Roller on Glutes

This drill is to improve your hip rotation flexibility. You will need to place a foam roller on the floor, and put your left hip onto the roller. Balance back onto your hands for support, and move up and down (backwards and forwards) on the roller. Try and find areas within the tissue that feel uncomfortable and use small movements up and down on that specific tissue. Do this for 2 minutes, once in total.

Drill 2 - Foam roller on glutes
Get your left hip on top of the foam roller and move backwards and forwards, using your hands for support.

More drills like these, and much more, can be found in the Flexible in 15 plan!

What can you expect from Flexible in 15?

  • Higher clubhead speed and distance – Through improved mobility, you have a greater range of motion through which to develop higher clubhead speed. In my experience, improvements in mobility can often lead to clubhead speed changes of 4-8 MPH which for example can put an extra 20-25 yards on your drive!
  • Reduced injury risk – As outlined above, having better mobility in key regions can reduce your risk of injury through efficient movement, which creates lower tissue loading and more efficient movement patterning.
  • Reduced pain – Cumulative overload of tissue is the basis of the majority of common golf injuries such as low back pain, elbow pain and knee pain.  The targeted nature of this plan will improve mobility deficits associated with common golf injuries.

This programme is delivered in 3 progressive stages over 6 weeks and requires minimal equipment, so you can easily practise at home! This plan uses easily available products such as a foam roller.  In addition, this plan can be completed in just 15 mins per day to give you maximum effect in minimum time!

What Our Members Say About Flexible in 15

Member testimonials reviewing our Flexible in 15 coaching plan.

How do I watch Flexible in 15?

The good news is, you can access the whole plan for FREE during our 30-Day free trial!

Use the coupon code: Home30 at checkout for your 30-Day free trial.

30 Day free trial button.

Alternatively, the full programme can be purchased online at for $39.99 which gives lifetime access.

Whilst you may be restricted in your attendance at your local gym, golf course or you may be required to isolate, this presents a unique opportunity to practise at home!

Use this upcoming period to improve your mobility so that when you return to training and golf, you have enhanced mobility, which facilitates better golf performance, reduces injury risk and can reduce any pain associated with training or golf.  

I hope you enjoy the programme and we would look forward to your feedback and stories of how the programme has improved your golf game.

Time to take charge of your game!

Andy Caldwell BSc (Hons) MSc MCSP

Chartered Physiotherapist

Golf Performance Consultant 

Instagram – @active_therapy

Facebook – @activetherapy1

Web –

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