You’ll be amazing at golf if you can master these golf shots

Being able to competently hit different shot shapes is a sure fire way to lower your scores on the course. It allows you to take more attacking lines off the tee and into greens. But also gives you more options when you stray off line.

Today we’re going to be explaining how to hit the two most predominant shot shapes that everyone strives for- the fade and draw. Let’s get straight into it.


The most important thing when playing any shot is to pick your target, whether that be a spot in the fairway, or the flag on the green. Once you’ve got your target, then you want the club path to swing left of this target line. The club face should be aiming right of the club path, but still left of the target line. A great way to do this it to open up the club face slightly using your grip, and aim the body to the left of your target.


To hit a draw, you need to do the opposite of what you want for a fade. So let’s go through it again, but reversed. Once you have chosen your target, you need the club path to be aiming right of the target. Then you want the club face to be aiming left of the club path, but still right of the target. Set up wise, you want the club face slightly closed at address and your feet and hips aiming right of the target.

As far as on course strategy goes, when trying to play these different shot shapes, be sure to check out the full YouTube video below. We go through different on course scenarios, and how best to play them for a fade and a draw.

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