3 golf swing drills that could be game changing

No matter how long you’ve been playing golf, you probably know that the basics are essential. But let’s be honest, we all let them slip from time to time, and then we wonder why our games fallen off. Today we’re going to share 3 drills that we think will have the most impact on your game. For the full explanation, be sure to check out our latest YouTube video.

Body Pivot

Let’s get straight into the drill we recommend you do regularly as part of your practice regime. Hold the club across your shoulder and assume your golf stance at address. Turn 90 degrees away from the target (like you would for the backswing), hold that position. Then shift your weight to your lead leg. Then turn 180 degrees, like you are turning through the golf shot and into your follow-through pose.

In this final position your weight should be distributed so that you can pick your trail foot off of the floor. This drill is designed to ensure that you learn to rotate, and not sway during the swing. It is also great for practicing the correct weight shift, to make sure that your weight doesn’t get stuck on the trail foot and you end up hanging back.

Swing Arc

For this drill you will need to set up with 2 alignment sticks, both aiming at the target, one in front of the other. With a gap in the middle of the sticks for you to put a ball down and address it. It is a misconception that the golf club should swing straight back and straight through in order to produce a straight ball flight.

So when you swing back with these alignment sticks on the floor, you should aim for the club to come behind the line of the sticks on the backswing. Back to above the sticks at impact, and then to the left of the sticks as the club goes past impact.


Once again it’s another misconception that to hit the ball straight you need to keep the club face still at impact. This usually leads to people ‘holding off’ the hands at impact, and trying to steer the ball. Typically this leaves the club face open at impact, and contributes to that slice that most golfers are trying to avoid.

So another great little drill for your practice is to stand in your address posture, with your right hand hanging straight down, as if you were holding a club. Then you want to practice the follow-through motion. Turn the hands through impact so that your right hand is then upright (as if you were to shake someone’s hand). It’s easier to explain visually, so check out the photos below.

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