3 Ways To Hit Up On Your Driver

To maximize your distance off the tee and reach your potential, you need to create optimal launch and spin conditions, and to do this there needs to be an upward hit on the golf ball.

Many golfers are losing yards because their launch angle is too low. There can be various contributing factors that cause this, so here are 3 ways that can help you hit more up on the ball in order to maximize your distance off the tee.

1. Spine Tilt

In golf posture, place your driver directly down against the front of your body so that the driver head is between your knees.

Simply tilt your spine away from the target until the club head touches the inside of your lead knee. Go ahead and hold the golf club maintaining this tilt.

This puts the body in a great position to allow for a slight upward hit on the golf ball.


2. Low to High

From your address position, rehearse making short swings where your back swing goes from “low to high” imagining the club moving upward as you strike the golf ball. 

Doing this several times will help you feel the motion needed, especially if you are someone who goes from “high to low”.


3. Turn and Reach

The Reverse Spine swing fault is a killer when it comes to hitting your driver as well as causing injuries.

This drill will help fix it.


Take your golf posture and hold as normal but now pull your arms and hands in close to your chest. 

Wind up your torso over a stable lower body with your main focus on leaning your upper body away from the target.

When you complete your turn extend your arms our reaching away from the body.

You will now feel “loaded” on your trail leg and more “behind” the golf ball than before.

This now puts you in a great position to drive towards the target using the lower body and launch that golf ball off the tee.


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  1. Mafingei Nyamwanza

    Very helpful !

  2. Robert Stirland

    Hi . should I be aiming right of target because if club is going up is it swinging left…. cheers..

    1. Andy P.

      Hi Robert. It depends on where the face is in relation to the path but yes in theory that is correct. If the face is open and you face it then maybe not.