The 3 Best Golf Swing Tips for Beginner Golfers

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In this YouTube video, Piers and Andy share their three best tips for beginner golfers to help them strike the ball with consistency and confidence and understand how to swing a golf club like the pros.

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1. Improve your golf grip

We think arguably the most important part of the golf swing for beginners is the grip.

If you don’t understand how to grip the golf club correctly, and you’ll have real trouble being able to make decent shots and respectable scores when you start playing on a course.

Hold your club from the side, not underneath

First of all, when you go to hold a golf club, make sure you do it from the side, rather than underneath the golf club.

One way to get a good feel for how your hands should move towards the golf club is to go into your golf posture and then clap your hands together.

Gripping the golf club from underneath can cause some serious problems, so we want to avoid that.

Place the club in the correct part of your hand

In your lead hand, the handle of the golf club should run from the bottom of your index finger underneath your hand’s heel pad.

If you get the golf grip right, you should be able to hold the club and support it by wrapping only your index finger round the handle.

When you put the club down on the ground, you should then be able to see the top two knuckles on your lead hand, as well as the logo on your glove from where you’re standing.

This is where you need to be in order to have full control club as you swing the golf club.

Getting the grip of the lead hand correct makes a massive difference, and so many people get it wrong.

2. Make sure the club face opens on the backswing

In the video, Piers uses a tennis racket to demonstrate what should be happening to the club face as you move through your golf swing.

In your backswing, your club face should point AWAY from you.

As you move and strike the ball, the club face should point towards the TARGET.

Then as you rotate through the ball into your finish, the club face should point BEHIND you.

The biggest issue we see with some golfers is trying to keep the club face pointing at the ball all the time.

Their concept is ‘to hit it straight, I need to swing it straight’ but that’s not the case.

The same applies for the arc of your golf swing. Lots of people try to swing straight backwards in order to hit it straight.

However, we actually want to swing back on an upward arc, followed by a downward arc on the way down which should be close to the arc you made on the way up. Then as you swing through, this should be on an upward arc around the body.

3. Turn – Shift – Turn

A really simple tip that you can use at home without a golf club is to practice the turn – shift – turn drill.

Put your hands across your shoulders and stand in your golf posture looking down over a golf ball or an imaginary golf ball if you don’t have one to hand.

Then you’re going to turn in your backswing so your back is facing the target.

Next, shift towards your left leg.

And finally turn, so your chest is facing your target.

Practice this sequence regularly to train the body how your swing should flow and feel in its entirety.

You can then apply this drill when you’re practising with actual golf balls at full speed, and you’ll be swinging with real rhythm in no time.

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