3 SIMPLE tips to enhance your short game

A hugely underrated part of the game, chipping can make or break a good round of golf. The one thing we see the most is that many golfers don’t actually know how to setup correctly. 

So we’ve decided it’s about time that we set the record straight in our latest YouTube vid. Here are the headline points broken down…

  1. Set Up- Ball in the middle of the stance, flair both feet slightly, weight slightly favouring the lead side and trail shoulder only slightly lower than the lead shoulder.

2. The Swing- Should be like a pendulum, the club goes back as far as it goes through. Create club movement with the body, not the hands.

3. The Finish- Club head travels in and and away from the target line. Chest and body face the target and weight finishes on the lead leg.

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  1. Alex parker

    Thanks for the tips. I am a beginner and I really appreciate you posting these tips and videos. It’s quite helpful for me.