How to become a MASTER with your wedges in golf 🔥

In this video we show you simple steps that can make you unstoppable with your wedges from 100 yards and under!

We helped Stu dial in his wedge play, and here were the main points he took away:

  1. Club Selection- always make sure you’re playing with the correct loft for the type of pitch shot you want.
  2. Check your Wedges- have you got huge gaps in loft and distance? Make sure you fill it with an appropriate gap wedge.
  3. Leave yourself the right yardage- try not to leave yardages into the green that you don’t like to play.
  4. Narrow your stance- it will change the intention of the shot you play…shorter shot, narrower stance.
  5. Feel the club on the earth, not just the grass.
  6. Visualisation is 🔑

Check out the video below for all the details, and see Piers almost get rejected for a fist pump (he’s still not quite over it!)

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