Our Top 5 Winter Golf Tips

The clocks have gone back and we’ve all finally surrendered and put the heating on, which can mean only one thing- winter golf is back people! (Try and keep your cheering to a minimum 😜).

So it’s time to dig out the waterproofs, wooly hats and muddy winter shoes. But it’s also time to make the necessary adjustments to your winter game to make sure you keep your eye in and hit the ground running next season.

And what are the chances that we’ve made a video on just this very topic?! Don’t ever say we don’t treat you!

Here’s a quick summary of the absolute MUSTS for winter golf, so get studying before your next round:

  1. Driving- Hit more drivers and be more aggressive.
  2. Irons- Take more club.
  3. Bunkers- Keep a square face and limit wrist angle.
  4. Chipping- Fly the ball further and use a neutral shaft lean.
  5. Putting- Play putts straighter.

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