The Fastest Way To Lower Your Scores With Arccos CEO Sal Syed

Myself and Piers always talk about how if we were a caddie for a golfer, we could save them at least 5 shots just by changing their decisions and getting them to think differently. 

In today’s episode, we interview CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos Golf Sal Syed.

We recently partnered with Arccos to help our members understand what’s really going on in their game so we can give them the best content, personal to them.

Arccos Golf have the Arccos Caddie app that syncs with sensors that you place on your grips, to deliver Automatic Shot Tracking, Rangefinder and Insights – powered by A.I.

They have over 40,000 courses and Strokes Gained Analytics for every part of your game.

This basically takes any guess work out of your game so you can understand what’s really going on so you can play smarter. 

In today’s episode, Sal shares the following…

  • How you can use data to make improvements to your game.
  • “Quick wins” you can do immediately to improve par 3/4 and 5’s.
  • Strategy from 100 yards and in.
  • The importance of playing your average and not just your best.
  • The importance of setting real expectations to manage your emotions.

Free Arccos Sensors and Free Trial:

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