Chipping Made SIMPLE with James Sieckmann

Today’s guest is an expert golf coach and when it comes to short game we believe there is no one better on the planet that you can listen to. 

James Sieckmann is a PGA Golf coach based in Omaha, Nebraska who works with multiple Touring professionals on all of the tours. 

He’s an author of 3 books, he’s appeared on Golf Channel, he’s a coach to the coaches and he’s the 2018 PGA of America national Teacher of the Year.

In this episode we are talking chipping. An area we can all be better at if we want to shoot lower scores. James shares the key things he likes to see in the set up and swing, how to play out of the rough as well as how to take it to the golf course.

If you want to be better around the green then today will 100% help you.

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