Why beginner golfers should focus on these TWO things first

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In this week’s YouTube video we had the pleasure of coaching Annealiese. She was struggling with her ball striking and was regularly topping the ball.

We worked on two things during her lesson that completely transformed her ball striking, and here we’ll talk you through the first thing we worked on.

It’s a basic when it comes to golf, but so many people regularly overlook the importance of having the correct stance when addressing the ball.

In Annealiese’s case, we could see straight away that some adjustments needed to be made to the width of her stance and how closely she was standing to the ball.

As you can see from the image above, Annealiese was addressing the ball with a very narrow stance, which was inhibiting her ability to transfer her weight and power during the swing. A narrow stance like this will also negatively affect balance during the swing, which can further contribute to a poor and inconsistent strike.

So, we got her to widen her stance and aim to have her weight distributed evenly between her lead and trail foot.

From the down the line view, we could also see that Annealiese was standing very close the ball, which explained why her poor shots were being struck from the heel or the hosel of the club. This is because the closer you stand to the ball the harder it is to strike the ball out of the middle of the club, because the body is in the way of the swing.

To fix this, Annealiese moved further away from the ball at address (like Piers is demonstrating above), and whilst this did feel very foreign to her in the beginning of the lesson, the effects it had on her ball striking were incredible.

We also worked on another element of Annealiese’s set-up, so be sure to watch the full video below to find out what it was and the changes we made.

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