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What can an amateur learn from Tommy Fleetwood’s golf swing?

The simple answer? A lot.

We’ve been fortunate enough to film with Tommy on two occasions now and each time we’ve learnt so much from him.

As we approach the new season we thought now was the perfect opportunity to re-visit the moment we spoke to Tommy about his unbelievable iron play.

And you know the thing that surprised us the most?

The fact that there’s so many parts of his swing and iron play approach that can easily be transferred into an amateur golfer’s game.

And because you’ve taken the time to watch our video (which means a lot to us), we want to give you something in return.

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  1. Jim

    Everyone tells me that my lead foot comes up and moves improperly during backswing. What specific drill might help me change this terrible habit? I don’t get my weight back down over the lead leg in t…