The ONE golf swing focus that will MASSIVELY improve your iron play

This week we helped Michael gain consistency with his irons so he could pure his approach shots into the green. 🔥

It might be surprising to see how one simple tip can transform a golf swing, so we’re letting you guys in on the answer so you can improve too.

The key to remaining on plane, and stop coming over the top is…YOUR HIPS.

Hip turn during the backswing is 🔑, it gets the body out of the way so your upper body can correctly pivot, and your arms and club can swing through perfectly.

Correct turning will also help to create power and increase your distance, and who doesn’t want more of that.

Remember when practicing to do your new movements slowly to begin with, so you can make sure you’re getting into the right position, and don’t hit too many balls.

Make sure you have the movement ingrained first and then start hitting, you’ll save yourself some money on range balls this way too. 😜

Want to see the amazing swing transformation yourself. Check out the video below.

And we here all of you saying “but guys my body’s too stiff to move like that”- so we’re already one step ahead and we’ve created a bespoke yoga plan for our MAMG members. Get yourselves loosey goosey and turning those hips like a pro.

Hit the link below to take advantage of our ‘Full Body Freedom’ coaching plan offer! For a limited time only, if you buy Full Body Freedom you’ll also receive 3 other coaching plans completely FREE!

Be quick though, as these packages are limited, so as time goes on the extra coaching plans will drop from 3 to 2 to 1! So make sure you don’t miss out!

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