Our 3 top tips for consistent iron play

This lesson completely transformed Percy’s golf swing as he went from duffs and shanks to consistently great iron shots.

For the full breakdown of what we worked on, be sure to check out the video linked below but for now, we’ll give you a taster of what we covered.

We broke this lesson down into three parts- the grip, the setup and backswing. Let’s go through what we worked on in the set-up.


Right away we noticed a couple of issues with Percy’s stance when he addressed the ball. As you can see from the image below he was standing very close to the ball and the majority of his weight was in the toes.

This was causing him problems in his swing, as it inhibited his movement. Standing that close to the ball meant he was also more likely to hit the hosel of the shaft at impact, which explains why he was suffering with the shanks.

To improve his ball striking and straighten his shot shape we got him to stand further away from the ball, so that he could fit one hand freely between his legs and the butt of the shaft. Then we placed an alignment stick on the floor and got him to evenly distribute his weight over the stick.

To see the incredible effect this had on his shots, check out the full video here.

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